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Home Alarm System (FST05)

The alarm system is based on GSM network. With a GSM SIM card, it can be used wherever you want and no need to connect any wire, which is convenient and easy to install and use.
The system can be set delayed-arm. When a signal is detected by detectors, the detectors will send alarm signal to host immediately, then the host sends alarm SMS to its pre-set mobile phone numbers, and meanwhile dials its pre-set telephone/mobile phone numbers automatcally and drive wiretap.


1. English SMS and voice reminder
2. Support 4 languages ( Chinese, Russian,
3. Voice monitoring
4. 2 wired zones and 12 wireless zones
5. 3 relay outputs to control home appliances
6. Voice remind during system is operated
7. External Speaker can be added
8. SMS or sound alert when GSM is weak
9. Work with wired & wireless sensor alarmed
10. Power failure alarm
11. Two ways communication
12. Backup rechargeable batery
13. Each wireless zone can use countless wireless sensors Spanish, English)
14. Wireless emergency functon (24 hours zone)
15. Zone name can be changed via SMS
16. Detect system status via SMS at anytme
17. Password protecton
18. Independent arm / disarm functons for each zone
19. Support 3 phone numbers to get call and SMS alarm
20. Pre-record voice message can be played back when
21. Setng the system by keyboard, remotes, SMS or phone

Technical Specification


  • GSM network frequency - 850/1900MHZ or 900/1800MHZ
  • External power failure alarm start-tme  - Less than 1s
  • Alarm response - Less than 10s (GSM in normality)
  • Power requirements - AC 110-220V 50-60Hz
  • Standby ithium batery - DC7.4V 700-800mA 4000mA optonal
  • Standby batery working hours - More than 10 hours, 4000mA for 3 days
  • Relay contact output 1 & 2 - 7A, 240VAC; 10A, 125VAC; 10, 28VDC
  • Relay contact output 3 - 3A, 120VAC; 3A 24VDC
  • Operatng temperature: - 20 to 60 degree
  • Humidity: - Less than 95%
  • Wireless frequency - 433MHZ

Z1-Z2: power indicator, external power off/failure, Z1-Z2 will be off.
Z3: partial arm/partial disarm, when each zone is armed independently, it will be on
Z4: arm LED indicator,  after system armed, it will be always on.
Z5: alarm LED indicator, when there is an alarm, it will be on
Z6-Z7: run LED indicator, LED blinks when you have a good GSM  signal.
Z8: relay output 1, relay activated and LED light is on.
Z9: relay output 2, relay activated and LED light is on.
Z10: relay output 3, relay acitvated and LED light is on.
Z11: wireless LED indicator, when wireless sensors send signal, this LED will be on

power switch
AC/DC power connector
IN1: wired sensor connector 1
IN2: wired sensor connector 2
OUT1: relay contact output 1OUT2: relay contact output 2
OUT3: relay contact output 3 or DC5V(output optonal)
MIC: microphone connector
positve electrode”+” connector for photodiode, negatve electrode”-” is    connected to Ground.
“+” connector for additonal extra batery,negatve electrode”-” isconnected to Ground.(DC7.4V-9V)
postve electrode”+”connector for speaker, negatve electrode”-”is    connectred to Ground.(DC7.4V-9V)
Ground-  negatve electrode”-”
SET buton: programing the host.
REC buton: recording the voice messages.
SIM: SIM card socket
GSM ANT: GSM antena connector
SIREN: siren connector
Note: 1) IN1&IN2 connector are used to connect wired sensors. Connect a resistor provided by us to the positve and negatve part inside the sensor; With this resistor, it will alarm immediately when  the intruders cut the wire/make short circuit. It will be safer.

Hardware & Accessories

  1. Host unit
  2. Siren
  3. Wireless keypad
  4. PIR moton sensor
  5. Power adaptor
  6. Remote transmiter
  7. Door/windows magnetc contact

Installation Process

Sim card installaton

1. Press the yellow buton, remove sim card socket.
2. Put the sim card to the socket, insert it to the host unit,make sure the chip of sim card face down.
please check that the sim card does not run out of credit
please check that the code of sim card is turned o?
Please check the sim card actve caller ID display functon.

Install Wired/wireless smoke sensor

Smoke sensor detect smokes by a couple of infrared diodes, which is suitable for detectng thesmoke in house, shop, hotel, o?ce, etc.
Install gas sensor

It is used for detectng leaking gas and suitable for the safety of residental house, hotels, etc.

The door/window magnetc contact

The door/window magnetc contact includes2 parts. The sensor will send the wireless signal to the alarmpanel immediately when the two parts depart more than 15-30mm.

Install PIR motion sensor
PIR refers to passive Infra-red. A Passive Infra-red sensor is an electronic device that detects the moton ormovement of some person or animal by sensing the heat emited from the body.
Before use, please operate  as followed:
1). This product is designed for the indoor using.
2). Install the system in a hidden place.
3). Turn o? the power supply before insert/take out the SIM card.
4). Have a hard connecton to the main power supply and provide good heat dissipaton.
5). Don’t put the main panel and wireless snsor close to the objects which generate strong interference, such as TV set and computer.
6). Check all the detectors and their batery in tme and change them when power is low.
7). Check the GSM alarm system termly, make sure it is good condition.

How to Work

Make sure the power supply is connected correctly, and turn on the power switch. The Z1-Z5 indica-tors will be on. About 15 sec later, the host will be in the normal running status. Z4, Z5 LED are o?, Z6
& Z7 will be blink.
Notes: If the RUN LED is either always on or off when the main panel is turned on, this means some-thing is wrong with the GSM network. Try to restart the host once again.
Recording alarm voice message
Use something with a small tp to press the “REC”buton at the back of the host, the unit will make abeep sound, and then it begins to record for 6 sec. There are 2 beep sounds afer it has ?nished the recording. The users can hear the recorded voice message if the speaker is connected afer ?nishingthe recording.
Note: Message should be brief. For example: “This is No. xx, building xx district xx. Please help,thereis illegal intrusion in the house.”
Set the host unit by wireless keypad
Turn on all the wireless detectors. Press “ SET” buton, it will make abeep sound, at the same tme the Z5 Alarm LED is on which means
the system is in setng status. About 20 seconds, it will give a longbeep and exit setng status automatcally.
Note: When setng phone number by keypad, every tme you pressthe buton you can hear a beep sound for con?rmaton. If there areno beeps, press the buton again.
Press the buton “*” before pressing the buton “#” to cancel thenumbers you have already input.
Set the host unit by wireless keypad
Set mobile phone numbers for SMS alarm.

Press “SET” buton, afer hearing beep sound, entry: serial No.+cellphone No.+#, and then you will    hear a beep sound for con?rmaton.
Serial No.=1,2,3 ( the ?rst, second, third cellphone No.)
I,E.: set the ?rst cellphone No. for SMS alarm , enter 213609321221#
Note: We suggest that you set the ?rst SMS alarm mobile phone number because if you do not set    the ?rst one, you will be unable to know whether all of the contents of the setng is right or not.
Set phone numbers for call alarm

Press “SET‘ buton, afer hearing a beep sound, Entry: serial No.+phone No.+#, and then you will hear a    beep sound for con?rmaton.
Serial No.=4,5,6
“4”=the ?rst phone No.  “5”=the second phone No.   “6”=the third phone No.    I,E.: set the ?rst phone No. for call alarm , enter 413660040874#
Delete phone number for alarm   
Press “SET” buton, afer hearing a beep sound,   entry: serial No.+#, and then you will hear a beep soundfor con?rmaton. Serial No.=1,2,3,4,5,6  
I.E.: delete the ?rst cellphone number for sms alarm: 1#
delete the ?rst phone number for call alarm: 4#
Change the password of the host
Press “ SET” buton, afer hearing a beep sound, entry: 7+new password+#.
new password, 4 digits, default password: 1234, afer setng new password, you will hear “ di, di” to con?rmthe setng.
I.E. entry 70000#  new password: 0000
Choose open/closed alarm of hardwire zone contact   Entry: 8#

The factory default mode: when the hardwire zone contact is open, the host will alarm. If you want tochange it, please follow us the step as below.

In setng status, input “8 + # ”on the keypad, then you will hear “di, di ” sound for con?rmaton. The host willalarm when the hardwire contact is closed.
Set the host unit by wireless keypad
Programming alarm host whether reply “arm or disarm” SMS or not
Presss” SET” buton, afer hearing a beep sound, entry 9#, you will hear “di,di”sounds for con?rmaton, when  arm/disarm by remote transmiter, host will send SMS to the preset cellphone No.; entry 9#
again, cancel this setng.
Modifying new ID of the host

Press “ SET” buton, afer hearing a beep sound, entry: 0+new ID+# default ID=000000, new ID : 6digits

Entry the command, you will hear “di,di” sounds for con?rmaton.i.E.: 0888888#   New ID is 888888
Exit setng status

Host will exit the setng automatcally. Do not press the keypad if the setng has been done. The Z5 alarmLED on the panel will be o? for 20 sec,and then hear a long beep sound for con?rmaton, and it will  sendthe setng SMS message to ?rst preset cellphone number in the system.
Programing the host unit by phone keypad remotely
With correct passwsord, the user can use any phone to call the number in the host, it will l getthrough in 15 sec and remind the user to input password with voice message. User should enter the password afer hearing one beep. Afer the password is veri?ed, another beep will sound, and usercan remotely listen in. Press”*” and afer hearing 2 beeps, host will in setng status, and start to preogram the host via phone keypad.
1). Each tme when you press the phone keypad, the host will make a beep sound, if not, pressit again.
2). Before press”#”, you can press “*” to cancel the numbers which you have  inputed.
3). If user input wrong password 3 tmes, host will hang up automatcally and send SMS  to thepreset SMS alarm cellphone number.

Programing  the host unit by phone keypad remotely
Make a call to the number in the host unit, it will get trough afer 15 sec, and the host re-quire inputng password with a voice message, user entry password afer hearing one beep.
When entry the correct password, please do as followed:
1). Set relay, siren

Afer hearing” enter command”, please operate as followed:Press ” 3 ” : actve siren;  press ” 4 ”: disable siren;

Press ” 5 ” : actve relay 1;  press ” 6 “ : disable relay 1;Press ” 7 “ : actve relay 2;  press ” 8 “ : disable relay 2;Press ” 9“ : actve relay 3 ;  press “ 0 ” : disable relay 3;
Afer passworkd is veri?ed, press “ * ” and afer hearing 2 beeps, system is in settng status,  and followthe below steps to set
2). Set mobile phone numbers for SMS alarm  Serial No+cellphone No.+#Sireal No.=1,2,3 I.E.:  Set the ?rst cellphone No for SMS alarm:  108245120#
3). Set  phone numbers for call alarm  Serial No+cellphone No.+#
Sireal No.=4,5,6   I.E.:  Set the ?rst phone No for Call alarm: 408245132#
4). Delete  phone numbers for alarm  Serial No+#
Sireal No.=1,2,3,4,5,6   I.E.:  Delete the ?rst phone No for Call alarm: 4#
5). Change the password of the host  7+new password+#
New password: 4 digits  I.E.: 70000#
6). Choose open/close alarm of hardware zone contact   8#
In setng status, entry “8” + “# ”on the phone keyboard, and you hear “di, di ” sound for con?rmaton.
7). Set the host whether send “arm/disarm” SMS or not   9#
In setng status, input “9” + “# ” on the phone keyboard, and you will hear “di, di ” sound for con?rmaton.Repeat the operaton, you can cancel this functon.
8). Set new ID of the host   0+New ID+#
New ID=6 digits I.E.:  0123456#    new ID is 123456

Operate Steps

  • Arm/disarm

1) Arm/disarm by remote transmiter
Arm: Press “arm” buton  on the remote transmiter, thehost makes one beep sound and Z4 ARM LED is blinking.
30 sec later, it enters into arm mode and the Z4 ARM LEDis stll on.
Disarm: Press “disarm” buton can disarm,  the host make2 beep sounds, and host will be get into disarm mode.
2) Arm/disarm by phone keypad
Call the host unit, it will get through in 15 sec, and remindyou entering password with voice, afer entering correct password, you press “1” to arm, press”2” to disarm
Panic Alarm
Press panic buton of remote transmiter,  panic alarm actve, host unit will send sms andmake the call to the preset phone numbers cycled for 3 tmes ( If no one answer the call, it will auto dial each phone number one by one, 3 tmes), and the siren will make a sound for 90sec to inform people arround there.
Voice Monitoring
Call the host unit, it will get through in 15 sec, and remind you entering password withvoice, afer entering correct password, another beep will sound, voice monitoring functon will start automatcally. ( Note: In voice monitoring status, the host is stll in armed mode, if any detectors are tggered, the host will report to user.?
External power failure alarm
When host unit checked out that there’s something wrong with the external power or the external power is o? for more than 2 sec, it will automatcally send the SMS of “External power failed” and dial the pre-de?ned phone numbers cycled for three times.

When the power supply restored to normal, host unit will stop alarming immediately and send the SMS of “External power OK”.

Command List

Handling Alarm

When an alarm occurs, the siren will alarm for 90 sec to inform the neighbors. At the same tme, the system
will automatcally send SMS to report the guarding zones and dial the pre-seted phone numbers. When any
phone is answered, you can hear the voice message and monitor the sound at site. The user presses the
“3”-------------------inquire the alarm zone numbers
If the phone line is busy or can’t get through, it will auto-dial the next phone number circularly tll the one of
them is answered. If nobody answers the phone, the system will stop dialing afer auto-dialing circularly for
three tmes.
SMS Command List

Programming 3 cell phone numbers for SMS alarm  ****+DD+serial No.+cell phone No.
Remark: to set cellphone number for SMS alarm“****” =1234 ( default password)
serial No.=1,2,3  “1” = the ?rst cellphone number
                             “2”= the second cellphone number
                             “3”= the third cellphone number
I.E.: Set the ?rst cellphone number,  send SMS : 1234DD108234781
Programming 3 cell phone numbers for Calling alarm  ****+DD+serial No.+cell phone No.
Remark: to set cellphone number, when alarm actve, make the call to the preset cellphone number“****” =1234 ( default password)
serial No.=4,5,6  “4” = the ?rst cellphone number
                             “5”= the second cellphone number
                             “6”= the third cellphone number
I.E.: Set the second cellphone number,  send SMS : 1234DD508234783.

Delete alarm phone numbers   ****+DD+Serial No.Remark:  To Delete the preset alarm phone number
 “****” =1234 (default password)  serial number=1,2,3,4,5,6I.E: delete the ?rst phone number for SMS alarm      1234DD1
      delete the second phone number for alarm call   1234DD5
Modify password of host unit  ****+DD+7+xxxxRemark:  to modify the password of host unit
 “****” =1234 (default password)  xxxx = new password (4 digits)I.E:   1234DD70000  new password: 0000
Arm    ****+A1      Disarm  ****+A2
 “****” =1234 (default password)I.E:   1234A1  Arm    1234A2   Disarm
Modify zone’s name     ****+DM+Zone code+ New zone name
Remark:  To modify alarm zone name
 “****” =1234 (default password)  zone code=01-11 (2 digits)I.E:  1234DM03O?ce  set zone03 name as o?ce
Note: The new name should be less than 24 characters.
           Zone’s code in 2 digits: 01 to 11
          send SMS with new name to user for con?rmaton
Inquiring AC power status of alarm host      ****+W2
 “****” =1234 (default password) I.E:  1234W2, get  AC power status
Inquiring arm/disarm status      ****+W1
 “****” =1234 (default password) I.E:  1234W1  get arm/disarm status
Relay 3 start appliance  ****+CDX
Remark:  To actve/disable relay 3 start some appliance like DVR when host gives alarm
 “****” =1234 (default password)  X=1  Actve; X=2  Disable
I.E:  actve relay 3 start appliance      1234CD1       disable relay 3 start appliance  1234CD2
Siren with sound when press wireless buton   ****+CMX
Remark:  to actve/disable siren with sound when press wireless buton, like remote transmister.
 “****” =1234 (default password)  X =1, actve; X=2, disable ( default)
I.E:   1234CM1  srien will make 1 beep sound    1234CM2 siren will not make sound when press buton
Siren makes sound when alarming   ****+CSX
Remark: to actve/disable siren make sound when alarming“****”=1234 ( default password), X=1 disable; X=2 actve  (default)
I.E.: 1234CS1  siren does not make sound when alarming;    1234CS2 siren make sound when alarming
SMS not?caton for weak GSM signal  ****+CGX
Remark:  to actve/disable SMS not?caton functon for weak GSM signal
 “****” =1234 (default password)  X=1, actve; X=2, disable ( default)
I.E:  1234CG1, when GSM signal is weak, send SMS to user;  1234CG2, close this functon
Power failure alarm  ****+CPX
Remark:  To actve/disable sending alarm when power is failure or cut
 “****” =1234 (default password)  X=1  actve (default); X=2  disable
I.E:  1234CP1  when power is failure or cut, send SMS to user; 1234CP2  do not send alarm SMS
No GSM signal alarm       ****+CFX
Remark:  To actve/disable making sound alarm when no GSM signal
 “****” =1234 (default password)  X=1, actve; X=2, disable ( default)
I.E:  1234CF1 make a sound alarm when no GSM signal;  1234CF2  do not make a sound alarm
Inquiring relay status       ****+RR
 “****” =1234 (default password)
I.E:  1234RR  it will reply relay status to user phone number.
Control relay 1 close   ****+R1   Control relay 1  open  ****+R2
Remark:  To control relay 1 open/close, send SMS with relay 1 status to user cellphone number.
 “****” =1234 (default password)
I.E:  open relay 1      1234R2      close relay 1  1234R1
Control relay 2 close   ****+S1   Control relay 2  open  ****+S2
Remark:  To control relay 2 open/close, send SMS with relay 2 status to user cellphone number.
 “****” =1234 (default password)
I.E:  open relay 2      1234S2        close relay 2  1234S1
Control relay 3 close   ****+T1   Control relay 2  open  ****+T2
Remark:  To control relay 3 open/close, send SMS with relay 3 status to user cellphone number.
 “****” =1234 (default password)
I.E:  open relay 3      1234T2        close relay 3 1234T1
 Set partal alarm zones  by SMS  ****+AA+Zone code
Remark: when the zone set as partal alarm zone, user can’t use remote transmiter to disarm host.Support multple zones setng, if you set many zones, there is a comma”,” between each zone code.
 “****” =1234 (default password) , zone code=01-11 (2 digits)I.E:  1234AA01,02,04  set zone 01, 02, 04 as partal alarm zone.
Cancel partal alarm zones  ****+AD+Zone code
Remark:  cancel partal alarm zones setng
 “****” =1234 (default password)  zone code=01-11 ( 2  digits )I.E:  1234AD01,02,04  Cancel partal alarm zone 01, 02, 04.
Switch over 4 Languages  ****+LG+X.
Remark:  To switch over 4 languages ( English, Chinese, Ruassian, Spanish), afer setng succesfully, host unitwill send SMS to preset 3 cellphone numbers.
 “****” =1234 (default password)
X=1,2,3,4   1=English (default), 2=Chinese, 3=Russian, 4=Spanish
I.E: switch language from English to Russian, send command: 1234LG3

Encode Method

Wireless Sensor Encode

How to Program wireless sensor to work with host unit
Step 1:  read the wireless address code in the label at the back of host unit
Wireless address code: 20112220
Step 2: open the sensor
 you can see 3 lines of 12 rows plunger pin, they are A0-A7,D0-D3
A0-A7 is used for the equipped with 8 wirelessaddress codes in the back of the host.
D0-D3 is used for the equipped with slip encoding
Step 3: Adjustng code
             1) Get the jumper cap for each wireless sensor.
How to Program wireless sensor to work with host unit
Step 3: Adjustng code
             1) Get the jumper cap for each wireless sensor.
             2) insert the jumper cap to the sensor according to wireless zone code table
 I.E. :  Add one PIR moton sensor to  host unit.
Host unit wilress code: 02102101  (A0=1; A1=0; A2=1; A3=2; A4=0; A5=1; A6=2; A7=0.)
Set PIR monton sensor to Zone 3,  zone 3 code is 1110  (D0=1; D1=1; D2=1; D3=0.)
Open the sensor, you can see 3 lines plunger pins: Line H, Line N, Line L
Line L and Line N connect = 0 ;
Line H and Line N connect = 1;
Line L, Line N and Line H disconnect = 2.
   code 1: insert jumper cap between Line H and N
   code 0: insert jumper cap between Line L and N
   code 2: do not insert any jumper cap.
wireless code:02102101, zone 3 code: 1110, you can start to insert the jumper caps accoridngly, afer that, it looks like the one as beside picture.
Step4:  Afer adjustng code well, trigger to see whether the indicator light of the host will ?ash one tme or not. Every tme triggered, the light can ?ash one tme, which means the match is successful.

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