About Us

Fastanet was established in October 2003 with the intention of providing quality software/services to end user businesses in need of IT and also providing mobile content services for the wireless device market.

We have the VISION of becoming a globally known company and a provider of vital IT solution that people will apply in the operation of their business. Our MISSION is to be innovative and cost effective in offering up-to-date IT solution which help customer's businesses grow efficiently.
Advantages to the Company/User

Build up confidence level.

  • Customer has better confidence level to purchase your product / services
  • Customer has a sense of belonging and becomes committed and better partners.
  • Building a trust between customers and the company

Build awareness to public – SMS Branding

  • Put your company name as Sender ID to every SMS sent.
  • Let customer remember your company name always.

Provide convenience services to your customers

  • Deliver critical information to your customer via SMS Alert.
  • Integrate SMS feature into your existing system.

Motivate customer and employees.

  • Deliver motivation message to the employee.
  • Deliver transaction message or account information to your customers.

Run mobile marketing / promotion campaign

  • Notify your customers about your new products or services.
  • Delive\r birthday promotion voucher to customers.
  • Inform people about that your important events.
  • Let your electorate know about your laudable programs.

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