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Vehicle Management

Fastanet GPS Management solution very likely may be the most invaluable business tool that you are not yet using. Managing your drivers out on the road could be really troubling, tedious and almost futile task. You better believe that a manager in every vehicle will increase productivity and drastically reduce abuse of company policy and procedures

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Controlling Trackers in Fastatrackers

Fastatrackers control function includes:

  1. Geo-fence
  2. Speed Alarm
  3. Update Position
  4. Report Interval
  5. Stop Engine
  6. Send SMS
  7. View report
  8. View history, etc.

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Car Tracking

With increasing incident of robberies and kidnapping, both in town, villages and on national routes, it is important to be able to track your vehicles in real time and offer security and back up whenever it needs. As company, it is important to be able to provide a fast response to your clients in case of accidents.

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Fleet Management Tracking

With a great deal of information available at your fingertips in real time, you will simply be better equipped to understand how efficiently your fleet of vehicles is being operated. This information will give you peace of mind and will redefine efficiency and productivity in your organization. Your employees will be more efficient less busy body attitude and are less likely to break the rules when they know they are being monitored.

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Personal GPS tracking

Fastanet personal tracking

This process is virtually the same with that of vehicles only that in this case it is a person that carries the tracker. Also the personal tracker has its own battery that lasts for a long time. It equally delivers real time data transmission to the software and also preconfigured phone number.

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History Playback

From the software you can select tracker, the date and time you want to playback history foot print. This enables you to see the movement of the selected vehicle within the date and time frame selected.

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Fastanet Vehicle Tracking

We offer the latest technology in GPS tracking solution; this involves the tracker itself and the tracking software, Fastatrackers. With the accuracy of GPS tracking to few meters you can be sure of the location of your vehicle at any point in time. Our internet based tracking software will give you web based real time location of your vehicles.

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